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High-end Customization Steps

understand customer demand intention

Conceptual design, product appearance, specification material, competitor information and cost, desired function, etc.

wiring harness design

Wiring harness layout, process design, engineering drawings, find corresponding product or raw material suppliers, costing, etc.

product quotation

Quotation based on cost and process calculation, mold development

sample trial production

Sample trial production according to the trial production process chart, assess the feasibility of mass production, and improve process control

Trial production confirmation

Follow up and confirm the effect of trial production, pay attention to customer feedback, improve defects

organize mass production

Confirm the order information, check the human, machine, material, law and environment, pay attention to quality control, mass production


Pack and ship according to customer requirements, complete the order

Significance of Choosing The Right Custom Cable Manufacturer


Custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies are created to fulfill the power and transmission requirements of unique electronic systems. Innovative strategies used by reliable custom cable manufacturers can dramatically cut the harness design cycle time and cost, increase product and process quality, and lower turnaround times and costs for harness manufacturing in a sector where manual engineering methods are still generally prevalent.


Productivity increases, cost savings, and manufacturing time can have a substantial impact on profitability and long-term business viability when there are small profit margins and high volume. Learn how solutions leveraging high degrees of automation, data coherency, and sophisticated integrations may accomplish.


Manufacturing Wiring Harnesses


Legacy techniques will be put under more stress as harness complexity rises and may eventually fail. These difficulties are made worse by disjointed engineering and manufacturing systems utilized by custom wire harness manufacturers.


Complexities can be reduced by assuring greater cooperation up and down the development cycle and eliminating errors from data interchange through robust integrations with tools from different domains and segments of the engineering flow.


Cable Assembly & Wire Harness


A cable assembly is a grouping of wires and cables that is protected by an outer sleeve. One cable is enclosed in a sleeve with a wire harness. Both kinds of cable cover shield sensitive hardware from the elements.


To arrange and safeguard wires, external sheaths are used in cable assemblies as well as wire harnesses. The sheaths used in cable assemblies, as opposed to wire harnesses, are produced from more durable materials, allowing them to resist the demands of heavy demanding applications.


Usage Of Wire Harness & Cable Connectors


Custom cable manufacturers describe whether a wire harness or cable is better suitable depending on the needs and limitations of the intended application:


Applications involving challenging operating or environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, dampness, friction, compression, abrasion, etc., are perfect for using cable assemblies. For applications that call for a low-cost organizational solution and little exposure to hostile environments, wire harnesses are the best choice.


Choosing The Right Custom Cable Manufacturer


FGHOBD is a renowned custom wire harness manufacturer, creating and producing unique connectors and connectivity solutions for everything from straightforward wires to intricate assemblies. We entail the ability to satisfy clients' unique needs across various sectors. With a high-precision SMT mounting line. And dust-free production workshop environment required for production. Production capacity up to 1 million strips per month, and to learn more about our manufactured goods and custom products you can visit our website.

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