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OBD male to OBD female+OBD female cable

  • Contact parts: nickel-plated brass or gold-plated brass.
  • Connector insulation: PA66 + 30% glass fiber.
  • Wire conductor: oxygen-free copper wire, cross-sectional area 0.22MM2 to 0.5MM2; insulation PVC
  • Wire outside diameter: width 25mm * 4mm, length custom.
  • Color: red and yellow color matching or red and orange color matching, of course, both ends can also be customized according to customer equirements.
  • Temperature: -40℃ to 125℃,
  • Plugging test: more than 5000 times.
  • Swing test: 500 grams of weight code, ± 90 ° swing 3000 times or more.
  • Conductive impedance: ≤5Ω.
  • Insulation impedance: ≥ 5MΩ.
  • Withstand voltage: 300VDC.
  • Quality certification: ROHS, REACH, ISO9001, IATF16949, UL, SGS.
  • Standard: Comply with QC/T29106-2014 "Technical Conditions for Automotive Wire Harness".
  • Factory inspection: 100% conduction test, full inspection of appearance.
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Design features

    OBD female terminal adopts 360° ring design to ensure full contact with male terminal, which makes the conduction performance more safe and reliable, not the tuning fork type two-point contact in the market; OBD male and female connectors and midcard adapter have various models to choose from, the products have OBD male to OBD female; OBD male to multiple OBD female, as well as the customer can choose 12V, 24V; midcard adapter adopts PCB The width of the national standard male terminal is 1.5MM, but considering that the female terminal will be loosened after the car diagnostic seat is plugged by different width connectors in the market, in this case, our product adopts 1.65MM wide terminal design to better meet the adaptation requirements of the car diagnostic seat under different conditions. At the beginning of the design, we have reserved the position on the product, you can print the logo or other seals of your choice.


Production process
   These products will go through the process of cutting wires - stripping wires - end pressing (or soldering) - assembling connectors - overmolding - testing, etc. We have more than 15 years of production experience and professional team to provide you with advantageous services.