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High voltage box discharge harness
High voltage box discharge harness

High voltage box discharge harness

  • Contact parts: pure copper
  • Wire conductor: cross-sectional area 20mm2 to 120mm2; irradiated cross-linked.
  • Temperature: product resistance to high and low temperature -40℃ to 125℃.
  • High voltage resistance: AC: 600V~1000V/ DC: 1000V~5000V
  • Quality certification: ROHS, REACH, ISO9001, IATF16949, UL, SGS
  • Production standard: follow QC/T1037-2016 "High voltage cable for road vehicles" standard requirements
  • Flame retardant grade: meet GB/T 2408 "Determination of burning properties of plastics by horizontal and vertical methods
  • Factory inspection: 100% conduction test, 100% appearance inspection
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Design features

    Such products are widely used in new energy vehicle charging pile, charging box and other facilities, design of high-voltage wire harness basically use large square wire diameter of the harness (wire diameter 20-120mm2 ranging), we use professional high tonnage hydraulic end press, crimping parts of good density, pull off performance, good electrical conductivity, not easy to heat, can effectively improve the service life of the harness. High voltage resistance is the characteristic of high voltage wire for new energy vehicles, the high voltage harness we provide can cope with AC 600V ~ 1000V, DC 1000V ~ 5000V high voltage, can fully meet the market requirements.


Production Process

    Our production technology standard follows QC/T29106-2014 "Automotive Wire Harness Technical Conditions". The production process of this series of products mainly includes cutting wire - stripping wire - shield layer treatment - end pressing - connector assembly - testing and other processes. We have professional team to provide you with high quality service.