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Custom Cable Connectors Are Solution To All Your Connectivity Problems


Purchasing a connection solution from a custom cable manufacturer, you have two options: buy the connector parts and the cabling individually, or buy the entire plug-and-play solution from a single source. Wire harness assemblies and complete turnkey custom cable connectors are available from FGH.


The full industrial environment is created, tested, and certified by our unique cabling solutions. Depending on your application environment, factors like IP protection, plug-in safety, robustness, vibration resistance, and EMC safety might all be very important. The most important features of custom solutions are frequently shortened installation times and streamlined logistics. Molded cables and pre-assembled cabling with plastic or metal hoods and housings are among the items we provide.


Overview of solutions for custom cable connectors


FGHOBD provides a solution that covers the assembly of basic connecting cables up to complicated cabling systems. Markets are demanding increasingly particular components in addition to standardized patch cords for the M8, M12, and RJ45 types as they grow larger and more complex.FGH develop value-added custom cable connectors based on design, print, and performance specifications from customers for a variety of applications. As a custom cable connectors manufacturer, we can advise you on the design and material choices that will best meet your needs for performance while minimizing costs.


We provide a range of cable assembly parts, including custom connector assemblies for surgical glasses, hi-res banana plugs, patient cable assemblies, and barometer cables. While we can also help with the selection of cables and connectors, layout and manufacturing methods, and computer-aided design (CAD).


Why Choose FGH


Along with all components of the manufacturing process of custom cable connectors, including soldering, termination, wrapping, and testing, we also offer short-run manufacture before mass production. We guarantee the quality of all manufactured goods through our extremely formal quality assurance and testing procedures.


At FGH we also own a top-notch and highly precise SMT mounted line and all we require for custom production is a dust-free working space. And we are willing to produce one million units of custom cable connectors in a month. So what are you waiting for to get in touch with us to get custom cable connectors as per your needs.